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About brand

LE JOURNAL INTIME – a unique fashion lingerie brand, harmonizing shapewear with French aesthetics.

Brand history

LE JOURNAL INTIME was developed in collaboration with French Maud & Marjorie designers and Native – manufacturers of post-operative compression garments.

Brand philosophy

The urge to accentuate the natural beauty of a woman’s body, preserving its individuality – so called #frenchtouch and #bodypositive distinguishes all brand collections. The breast is supported by compression materials without any hard underwire or solid cups, which affords transparency and comfort.


PowerNet hi-tech mesh knitted fabric with professional compression functions is used in all collections.

The open-mesh fabric allows 60% of skin cover to be exposed while exerting the necessary corrective pressure, smoothing out body contours and creating a seductive silhouette.

Elastic lace portraying the delicate workmanship of leading French manufacturers in combination with semi-transparent contemporary materials highlights unusual exquisiteness. 

Velvet ribbons, lurex, silk-like bands, hooks – all these details are intended to become an additional accessory in a woman’s everyday image, because nowadays lingerie is no longer something that must be concealed. The visible straps and attractive bra back can add unique charm and style to an everyday image. 

All materials and accessories are manufactured by leading European manufacturers.

Interview with Natalia Voinich, founder of LE JOURNAL INTIME

Natalia Voinich, designer of Le Journal intime – a Russian lingerie brand – and winner of Intimoda Fresh Faces contest, talks about her brand:

"We represent the Russian brand Le Journal Intime. We are very happy to have been selected among Russian designers to become the winner of Intimoda Fresh Faces contest.
A few words about our brand: we integrate fashion trends with a shaping effect. The idea of Le Journal Intime lingerie is not to radically change a woman’s body but to create a Photoshop effect. Our products are distinguished by their smooth surface, beautiful lines, seductive silhouette; we use velvet, lurex in combination with dense tightening net, and pay special attention to the back design, which appears very stylish if it shows from under clothing".

Inspired by France

Le Journal Intime founders have got a 20-year history of lingerie brand creation. Two sisters – Natalia Voinich and Tatyana Valentovich – founded the postoperative shapewear lingerie brand, Native. They were the first on the market and succeeded exponentially.

The idea to design everyday underwear cropped up time and time again, and the comments of grateful female customers also played an important role. The shapewear effect that women discovered when trying on Native underwear prior to surgery was so clear that many women wanted to wear the lingerie on a daily basis.

And so the foundations were laid. Armed with 20-years of experience of working with fabrics, garment accessories and women’s bodies, the sisters decided to create a new brand called Le Journal Intime. There were no doubts about where the collection would be designed; the job could be entrusted to French designers only. An acquaintance with Maud&Marjorie designers led to the design of the first lace shapewear lingerie collection. At the same time the sisters designed their own line, Invisible, starting with basic items, such as skirts and shorts and proceeding to wonder bras and bralettes, which provide breast support and fit properly due to their structure and fabric used. At the same time the materials used are weightless, semitransparent and strong, which does not cease to amaze people. 

Classic thread is replaced with stretch yarn. Special machines working with this yarn form unique, flat seams with enhanced strength and stretchability identical to that of PowerNet fabric, and impart a seamless quality to the lingerie. Such quality and strength are a winning combintation.

About the new collection

Deep knowledge of a woman’s body, the ideal fit, tender French lace lingerie, the use of innovative technologies to give a shaping effect, an intermix of styles and an impeccable cut are the baseline principles of Le Journal Intime’s new collection.

Modern art is the brand’s source of inspiration. French illustrators Malika Favre and Filipe Jardim have given an impulse for the creation of a non-standard, Le Journal Intime lookbook, in which the background acts as the color basis of the composition. Bravery, freedom and optical illusions bring the heaviest charge of emotions. Model and a gallery owner Polina Askeri has become the face of the brand.

The founders have managed to create a unique product for the modern woman who appreciates fashion, art, freedom and comfort. The new collection of black and beige lingerie decorates the body, accentuates the silhouette and that very beauty line which is the reflection of the total harmony of the universe.

A French approach to beauty involves accentuating the individuality and natural beauty of a woman by highlighting the seductive S-shaped body lines and fluency of the silhouette, and demonstrating the beauty of every woman’s body.


Коллекция Josephine от бренда корректирующего нижнего белья LJi


Коллекция Marie-Antoinette от бренда корректирующего нижнего белья LJi


Коллекция Invisible от бренда корректирующего нижнего белья LJi


Коллекция Empress Fike от бренда корректирующего нижнего белья LJi


Коллекция Daisy от бренда корректирующего нижнего белья LJi


Коллекция Monroe от бренда корректирующего нижнего белья LJi


Коллекция Folies Bergere от бренда корректирующего нижнего белья LJi