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Cookie usage policy

In accordance with the legislation, we hereby inform you that our servers utilize for its operation a small amount of data, which they send to your end device, and which allow in particular the adaptation of our websites to your needs and improve the utilization of our servers (so-called cookies). Cookies however, we use in particular, we as the server operator or the relevant website, and also operators of advertising systems that are on our site operated.

None of the cookies used on our site however does not collect and does not contain information, which are in the nature of your personal data and will not allow in any way identify of your particular person.

Cookies are used by almost every website in the world, there is generally a useful service, because it increases the user-friendliness has repeatedly visited the internet site. If you for visiting our web-site you use the same computer and the same internet browser, cookies will help your computer to remember pages visited and your preferred settings of individual pages.

Standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, MozillaFirefox, Google Chrome, etc.) to support the management of cookies. Within the settings of the browsers you can individual cookies manually delete them, block or completely prohibit their use, they can also block or allow only for individual internet pages. You have the option at any time, simply and free of charge prohibit processing cookies on our website, through your browser settings. For more detailed information please use the help section of your browser. If you will have your browser cookies enabled, we will assume that you agree with the use of standard cookies from our servers and websites.

In case of any questions or comments you can contact us at the e-mail address: info@lejournalintime.com

Below is the procedure how to delete Cookies on the most commonly used web browsers:
Google Chrome: In the menu "Tools" select "Options". On the card Under the lid locate the section "Protection of personal data". In the Settings of cookies click on the button "Show cookies". By clicking on the "Remove all" to delete the entire list of cookies or by clicking on "Remove" to delete You selected the specific file.

Internet Explorer 8 and higher: In the menu "Tools" select "Security". Then click on "Delete browsing history", where you select the appropriate files and click on "Remove". If you want to browse the site without cookies, click on "Security", and select "InPrivate Browsing". If you have an older version of Internet Explorer, please visit the website of Microsoft and install the latest version.

Mozzila Firefox: In the menu "Tools" select "Options" (or "Edit | Preferences" in Linux). In the section "Privacy" on the Cookies, select the "Show cookies". To remove all cookies click "Remove all cookies", or You selected the button "Delete cookies".

Safari: In the menu select "Preferences". Click on "Security", and then "Show cookies". Press "Remove" to delete Your selected cookies.

Opera: In the menu "Settings" select "Clear private data". In the Detailed election select the "Delete temporary cookies" and "Delete all cookies". Cookies delete clicking on "Delete".

Android Browser: In the menu "Menu" click on "More". Proceed to "Settings", where you can select "Clear all data cookies" and delete them by clicking on "OK".

Opera Mini: In the menu "Menu" click on "Settings". Then click on "Privacy" and "Delete cookies".