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Confetti seasons №2 July-August, 2017


Le journal intime lingerie enshrouds the image of an ideal woman – delicate, beautiful, sexual and self-confident – an image that makes men tingle with adoration. Brand director Natalia Voinich will tell you about the benefits and advantages of this lingerie. 

Photoshop for the body

Our company has been producing postoperative garments for about twenty years. It often happens that a woman tries on a garment before surgery, has a look at herself side-on and face-on, and says “Beautiful! Listen, should I have had a more telling T-shirt, there would not be any need for surgery!” Customer expectations had sunk deep into my mind and finally we decided to act by designing delicate shapewear lingerie based on our knowledge and experience. Designing underwear is a tricky business, and that’s why we started our search in beloved France. We found two designers in Paris who had their own excellent lingerie brand. When we met we explained to them what we wanted and why. They liked the idea. And so we are creating our third collection together with them. The idea is that shapewear must not make a woman feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in herself.

We do not design orthopedic lingerie, rather we create lingerie which is wear-friendly, which one does not have to hide, which, on the contrary, can be combined with informal clothes; delicate bra straps can be easily incorporated into the overall look, making it sexy and tempting. The time has come when underwear is ceasing to be underwear as such. Lingerie cannot be called underwear anymore as it has practically become an upper garment. Designers are sketching dresses, slip dresses, sexy pyjamas to go out in … The body’s beauty with its forms and smooth surfaces in fashion. And it is shapewear lingerie that solves these issues. It touches up the S-shaped Ogee curves which give the body its beauty. The phrase Ogee curve comes from Greek architecture. Designers try to attain Ogee curves in various ways. Our lingerie’s value lies in assisting them to succeed. First, everything looks beautiful with its help. Second, slender and graceful forms make the heart soar.

In our models we use semitransparent fabric with a good shaping effect. This fabric is made of the most delicate mesh, exposing 60% of the skin’s surface, which perceives air, moisture, temperature changes.

We name our fashion collections after famous, interesting women: Marie-Antoinette, Princess Fike.

The collection called Josephine is almost ready. Women who wear our underwear become self-confident, calm and well-balanced. Both mind and body feel comfortable in the underwear. And the lines and the finest lace produce the effect of perfect forms.