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Exclusive collection YANA for plastic surgery clinic Vremya krasoty: lingerie line Le Journal intime - Next Step


It is necessary to wear a compression bra for 4 weeks following breast surgery. This gives women the feeling of safety, confidence and means they can be active during the very first days after surgery. However, a month later a tight compression bra with a protector is not essential anymore and furthermore, women get tired of it. But at the same time the feeling of safety and intense support which woman have got used to, will disappear without compression. Taking into account that many doctors recommend their patients to wear a postoperative bra for a period of up to 8 weeks, for many women the mere sight of this bra makes them feel down at the beginning of the second month.

We have designed a light lingerie line, Le journal Intime - next step, which is made of thin, flexible, elastic mesh. We suggest that women should wear it at the second postoperative stage, that is, 4 weeks after surgery. These are stylish bralettes with interesting straps, friendly fasteners, wireless but providing sufficient breast support. One can sleep in, do sports in these bralettes and combine them with open and semitransparent upper wear in the summer. The mesh knitted fabric is almost weightless, and gives skin 60% exposure to air. In combination with superb support bralettes Le journal Intime will be an irreplaceable partner during the postoperative period, and indeed, further down the line.

One of the models has been designed in cooperation with plastic surgery clinic Vremya Krasoty and Yana Laputina. The model is made as a bustier with soft wide straps and a front slide fastener. Bustier cups have a special cut, are soft and provide reliable breast support. The model’s name is Yana. The above collection also includes high-waist panties and bodysuits made of the same compression mesh fabric.