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Fashion collection August, 2017


Соблазнительный комфорт - Le Journal Intime в журнале Fashion Collection

Tempting comforts

An ideal image consists of thousands of minute details which are often covered up. We discussed the contemporary woman’s desires, inner freedom, sensibility, the new lingerie trend see-through-dress, with the creative director of Le Journal Intime shapewear lingerie, Natalia Voinich.

F.C.:  Who is the Le Journal Intime woman?
N.V.:  Our female customer is a sensitive and self-confident woman or girl, who knows her body well. She always wants to be desired but is not ready to sacrifice comfort. That’s why she chooses Le Journal Intime lingerie.

F.C.: What’s your secret?
N.V.: Our company has been producing shapewear lingerie for more than 20 years. Initially we were engaged in the production of post-surgery compression garments (as Native). However, shapewear effect of the garments themselves prior to surgery was so clear that many women wanted to wear them on a daily basis. That was a turning point in our business development. It was then that we decided to beautify our compression technologies with a French chic makeover. For the realization of our ideas I went to Paris, where I got acquainted with the Maud&Marjorie lingerie designers. Thanks to their imagination and designer’s developments, our products meet all the trends of lingerie fashion. We pay special attention to original details, accurate cut, materials and finishing. A new trend is in fashion now – the see-through-dress, where underwear becomes a part of clothing. We support this trend actively and promote it in our collections.

F.C.:  What is the most popular model?
N.V.: A bodysuit can be easily called a basic model. Most women want to accentuate their waistline,

to present their breasts in an attractive manner, to make their belly flatter. And our bodysuits meet these challenges very well. In order to ensure results we use high-tech Power Net Mesh fabric, which creates the required compression effect.

F.C.: What color scheme do you keep to?
N.V.: In general we use basic functional colors: black and various shades of beige, but we do not avoid colored models. For example, garments from the new autumn – winter collection are of a gentle grey-blue color. We are planning to broaden the color palette in the future.

F.C.: What are you working on now?
N.V.: At present we are getting ready for a fashion show of our prize autumn-winter collection which will feature items with velvet and lace dressing. Our Pret-a-porter line (underwear style clothing) will also be ready this autumn. This line was developed by our French designers; it is a new and intriguing trend for us.

F.C.: What are your plans for the nearest future?
N.V.: We are planning to develop and extend our product range within existing collections. We also have many new ideas in the pipeline. For example, we would like to release an underwear line for 10 to 13-year-old girls. I think that it is important to cultivate good taste and sense of beauty from childhood.

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