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GLAMOUR July, 2017


Why there will never be bodypositive in Russia: interview with Natalia Voinich

Glamour magazine chatted to Natalia Voinich, founder of women’s shapewear lingerie brand Le Journal Intime, and found out how one can come to love oneself and why shapewear lingerie is better than plastic surgery.

About love for oneself

I think that there are two types of woman. The first type accept themselves from childhood, the second type work on themselves not only with the help of sport, but also plastic surgery. At the recent bodylifting conference in Geneva we talked to a doctor who was an expert in bariatric surgery. She told us that many slim girls with eating disorders had visited her recently. They undergo special surgery which disables part of the digestive system. As a result, food is not absorbed and quickly leaves the body. It was a great surprise to me that Russian women would take such aggressive measures so easily, being afraid to gain weight and trying to meet model standards.

Evidently, this can be found in every culture, as we are under the strong influence of fashion magazines, trying their images on ourselves. And this directly leads to the loss of individuality. We cannot make other women love and accept themselves, as those are individual problems not connected with fashion.

About plastic surgery

We receive a great deal of orders for postoperative garments (after the tummy tuck surgery). Surgeons remove excessive fat tissue from the abdomen and make it flat with the help of this procedure. Liposuction is often performed in combination with other operations (with the tummy tuck surgery or lipofilling, for example). Lipofilling is an operation during which fat tissue is sucked away from one place and pumped down to another after preliminary treatment. In some cases, plastic surgery may be justified, in other cases this is a race for an impossible ideal. However, this is business.

The Le Journal Intime appeared at the instigation of plastic surgeons’ female patients, who visited us to buy postoperative garments. They looked in the mirror and said: “Maybe I won’t go for surgery, as I like myself in this underwear. Could you design a similar but a beautiful one?”

“It was a great surprise to me that Russian women take such aggressive measures so easily”.

About women’s wiles

If you wear shapewear lingerie continuously, it will have a cosmetic effect. It is like lymph drainage. Muscles work on the inside, the compression tissue is on the outside. Together they stimulate subcutaneous tissue, massage it and make it thin. Naturally if you do not wear such lingerie for a couple of days, everything will go back to square one. The lingerie is designed to make you feel beautiful and self-confident. A compression bodysuit or a corset will help you lose weight, as it will not allow the stomach to extend and as a result you will eat less. You can do such things when you feel and accept yourself.

About selecting underwear

If a girl understands that she does not look like a Victoria’s Secret model, she should find her own brand which will accentuate her merits. Le Journal Intime gives an opportunity to select beautiful underwear which will mask any shortfalls. I would like to believe that girls buy underwear for themselves, not for men. A male plastic surgeon once told me that it’s not a woman’s appearance that is important to him, but her behavior. I answered that a woman’s behavior depends a lot on how she is dressed, what kind of underwear she has got, how she sees herself and what she feels in it. When a woman feels comfortable she looks more self-confident and tempting. However, comfort is a relative term; some women do not wear bras because they do not feel comfortable. As a matter of fact, most women cannot choose underwear. Many things influence the selection process. For example, you want to accentuate a nice décolleté you will need a push-up, but this is not the do all and end all. If a woman is nearly 50-years-old and her breasts are pushed up too high, this looks awkward and unnatural. One should choose underwear fit for one’s figure, so that a garment does not squeeze and the breasts do not spill out of the cups. It is important to pay attention to materials. For example, if you are going to put on a silk blouse, you should not put on a lace bra as it will be visible.

A male plastic surgeon once told me that it is not a woman’s appearance that is important to him, but her behavior”.

About beauty and materials

At present underwear is increasingly becoming part of clothing. I have a very positive attitude to this. I think that underwear should be beautiful, good-quality, and suit the clothes being worn and the woman’s figure. Interesting combinations of fabric and various textures are being used now more than ever. Underwear brands mostly use lace with cotton, making retro-style straps, and adding new materials. Even silk is becoming available. And it is wonderful that more and more women can afford this. So the future belongs to complicated technologies, good design, natural and eco-friendly materials.

About the new collection

In Le Journal Intime we use new interesting materials paying attention to the quality of seams which are often the basis for a design.  I am looking forward to seeing our Pret-a-Porter collection. There are a lot of interesting lingerie models in it which go beyond the understanding of underwear as such. The collection will be released in autumn. The designers of this line are Parisian women.