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Le carnet d'Intima: Talent Natalia Voynich - LE JOURNAL INTIME


Born from the imagination of designer Natalia Voynich, Le Journal Intime is a Russian brand of fashion-forward shaping lingerie. 

Built on the expertise of the company Native, which owns the brand and also produces compression sleeves dedicated to women who have undergone plastic surgery, the brand envision lingerie as a true asset to beauty.

Its mission: to offer more than just a silhowette corrector, but a body enhanced by a chic aesthetic! The latest technologies and new-generation sheathing materials, French elastic lace, refined finishes, perfectly tailored cuts and a mix of styles are at the base of Natalias work, which strives to create refined garments featuring strategic compression zones that guarantee women wire-free chest support. Her favorite materials is Powernet, a high-tech tulle-widely used for medical purposes, especially in post-mastectomy models – which offers a pleasant feel and lets the skin breathe white still providing a shaping effect for a seductive silhowette. For 2019, the collection is clearly influenced by the 50s and 60s, brilliantly mixing lightness, transparency and functionality. A seductive basic line, the Monroe line includes bralettes, bras, bodysuits and panties designed to offer light sculpting effects. Here, straps and clasps are as functional as they are decorative and the timeless nude and black is joined by a fashionable palette of red, chocolate, white and milk.

Narrow waists, graphic forms, comfort. Elegance simplicity and stylish details characterize the Vivien line, quintessentially teminine and inspired by the inimitable style of Vivien Leigh, Finally, Artemis, named after the Greek goddess of the hunt and wild nature, is the line with the strongest character, sure to flatter every woman with its many rich colors and sophisticated cuts.


Source: Intima.fr