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Scientia potentia est (Knowledge is power) Harper`s Bazaar’s choice in July 2018


 Le Journal Intime bralette from the Monroe collection and Turnure overalls

The story of continuous learning speaks to me always and with regard to everything. Although I take to sports like a duck to the water, I cannot stop being surprised at how seemingly minute details, can make a depressingly familiar fitness session much more efficient. I made the latest fitness discovery when I saw my friend’s perfect abdominals. For at least last ten years she had been bewailing the fact that she could not get her desired abs however hard she tried. And suddenly, such an impressive result! I could not help wondering how she had managed to do it. It turned out that after becoming disillusioned by exercises familiar to her, she went from practice to theory. After studying the investigations of American scientists, she took home an interesting fact: it is only worthwhile to do abdominal crunches in the morning and on an empty stomach. After two weeks of following this advice, she could look at her ideally-shaped belly with pleasure. It seemed that everything was fine, but there was a catch – all the other muscle groups should be worked on only an hour and a half after eating. What’s to be done? I recommend getting a special ab wheel as the most efficient and space-saving fitness device for abdominal crunches, and a stretch mat. And then do your favorite abdominal crunches every morning (it’s okay not to give your abdominals time to rest) immediately after getting up. Then, after a shower and breakfast you can go to your fitness club for a full-scale training session.

I would like to thank the trainers from The Lanesborough (London) who are proponents of the Bodyism system. You have most probably used roller massagers after fitness training sessions, to relax and treat tight muscles. However, if you use them before fitness training, not after, you won’t feel pain the next day, however intensive your training session may have been. Furthermore, you will find the exercises easier to complete and minimize the risk of injury. A good stretching session will suffice after your fitness training.

There is one more simple and underestimated fitness accessory which I discovered the benefits of in The Lanesborough hotel − the resistance band. If you put it just above your knees, your knee bends and side lunges will help you not only, to build your buttocks but also to strengthen the muscles supporting your knees (a weak point for most girls).

We should pay special attention to sportswear, more precisely, compression garments/items. The same American researchers tested compression garments on professional runners and received impressive results. Lucky runners who were given special socks felt fine the next day, as opposed to the other athletes, who suffered from leg muscle pains. There is a pleasant bonus for those who think about both beauty and benefits in their training sessions: compression uniforms visually correct the figure. My recent discovery is the Tournure jumpsuit, great for doing yoga and stretching in. Movement is unhindered and recovery after exercise is much faster. I found an ideal brand for fitness training long ago: 2XU designs beautiful sportswear and has a great deal of fans even among professional athletes. You see, the fitness industry is not resting on its laurels; all it takes is to notice the nuances.